Gregans Castle 50k cycling route

Gregans Castle, one of Irelands Blue Book Hotels, is situated on the lower slopes of the famous ‘Corkscrew hill’. With its well earned place amongst Irelands most iconic climbs, it has been a feature of many races such as The Ras, The Junior Tour, Ras na mBan, The Tour of Ireland and The Nissan Classic. […]

Viewing cycling as it moves online

This is where online coverage and social media are hugely important. To capture the hearts and minds of young people and to encourage them to take up the beautiful sport of cycling they must have a steady stream of content available in the form that they are going to be accessing. Online video and live streaming may well hold the key to the continued development of cycling in Ireland and beyond.

The Clifden Station House Sky Road 17k

Leaving the front of the Clifden Station house and passing through the small scenic town of Clifden you get a taste of why this quaint picturesque place is so popular with visitors from both home and abroad. Taking the Sky road out of town gives you another reason again. The road rises as soon as […]