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League race 24/5/07

league 17-5-07

Tip of the week – cornering

A lot of people have difficulty cornering or descending on a bike and here are a few tips to help you along the way ; 1 : Always look where you want to go , not where you don’t want to go or down at your front wheel . 2 : Brake before the corner , adjust your speed before
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The men of the Ras

Each year during the third week in May several towns in Ireland reverberate to the sound of Paddy Fitzsimons voice encouraging the people of the town to ‘ Give a big Templemore ( or eight other town names each year ) welcome to theĀ Men of The Ras ‘. ‘ The Ras ‘ holds a mythical place in the hearts of
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League race 10/5/07

Tip of the week – position

A few simple ways to check that you have the correct position on the bike ; 1 Knees . If the front of your knee is sore it may be that your saddle is too low , if the back of your knee is sore it may be too high and you may be overstretched . 2 Handlebars . With
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The Pros are coming !

Last week it was announced that top level pro racing was coming back to Ireland after a break of overĀ  fifteen years . The last event of this nature was The Nissan Classic . ‘ The Nissan ‘ as it will always be known was the biggest ever contribution to the growth of cycling in Ireland . It was a
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Finish of tonights league race