Cycling for charity !

Like most cyclists , I have taken part in a good number of charity cycles .  Most have been one day spins around somewhere in Ireland but back in 1993 I did the ‘Florida 500 ‘ with the National Council for the Blind . I got involved through a friend who is blind called Stefan […]

I’m a Cyclist – Get me out of here !

A group of ten Irish cyclists have entered a new type of off season competition called ‘I’m a cyclist – get me out of here ! They will be marooned in a deserted house in Merchtem in the Belgian outback . Each day they will be given some very difficult tasks to complete and the last […]

Ballyhoura ATB trail

Last Sunday in a prelude to Ray’s stag night we decided to check out the new mountain biking centre in Ballyhoura . We have been hearing about it for the past twelve months now , so we were all curious to see just what it is like . It was first due to open back […]