Variety – The spice of life !

When you work in a bike shop no two days are ever the same . Different people and different bikes are in and out every day . Also because it’s our own business there’s everything else that goes along with being self employed , accounts , orders , marketing etc. Whilst I’m not one for posting entries in diary form ala Bridget Jones the past week probably should be broken down that way so here it goes ;

Monday – Worked from home all day , did blog post and Vat return . Spent the evening congratulating three year old daughter on doing her poo in the potty . A very momentous event if you’ve ever gone through the toilet training process .

Tuesday – Very busy day in shop . Built two Kuota Kebels with Ultegra SL . Lovely bikes . Hybrids were going like hot cakes as the summer sun takes effect and encourages people to get out and enjoy the long evenings .

Wednesday – Spent half the morning trying to get the back wheel off of a museum piece with a pre sturmey archer 3 speed . The faded Bill Purcell sticker on the down tube said it all . There once was a bike shop in Clonmel , down where the veterinary surgery across from the army barracks currently resides which was owned and operated by Bill Purcell . This was back in the days shortly after Oliver Cromwell laid siege upon the town and this particular bike may well have been used by Cromwell himself .

Thursday – Gave a presentation at the Irish Internet Association’s annual congress . Pretty nerve racking beforehand especially when I sat down on the stage and looked down at around 400 people . I was third up and luckily the preparation beforehand paid off and all went well . Got some very positive feedback afterwards and really , looking back now it couldn’t have gone better . Darragh Doyle even gave it a mention on his blog . Learned a lot from the other speakers also and have plenty of ideas to keep me occupied for the next twelve months .

Friday – National Mountain Bike Day , or so it seemed . Today everyone wanted to head off road . Ballyhoura really seems to be capturing the imagination and getting people to try their hand at a bit of mountain biking .

Saturday – It was like being in the West county hotel ( sign on hotel for the Ras ) all day as  The Men of the Ras were in getting a few final requirements . When your not riding this year and everyone is coming in talking about it there is always that pang of ‘ shoulda trained for it ‘ especially this year with Fridays stage finishing about 300 meters from the shop . If the weather stays good for the week it will be even more difficult to reconcile but if it lashes rain for a day or two the regret of not riding will be significantly diminished .

At home on Saturday evening requests for a pink trampoline were being voiced with increasing regularity as all poos are now finding their way to the potty and a reward was promised , so if anyone knows where to get a pink trampoline please let me know as three year olds are like elephants , they never forget .




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  1. Darragh

    on May 19, 2008 at 12:37 pm - Reply

    Hi Barry

    Spoke a lot to people at the IIA congress and they all said your presentation was one of the highlights – you brought this whole term of “social networking” down to what one could simply, easily and cheaply do, which is what the congress was about in the first case!

    Great to meet you at it. Hope you liked the final article. The comments were very favourable anyhows!


  2. worldwidecycles

    on May 21, 2008 at 12:39 pm - Reply

    Thanks Darragh ,

    Nice to meet you on Thursday also . My better half enjoyed reading your article .

    Keep up the good work .


  3. Roseanne

    on May 29, 2008 at 11:12 am - Reply

    And have you seen today’s Digital Ireland supplement to the Irish Independent? The last word on the cover story goes to (drumroll purlease!) Barry Meehan!
    Nice one!

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