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Clonmel Race Route !

One of the toughest races with the largest prize funds of the season takes place in Clonmel each year . The ‘Bill Hyland Memorial’ has long been considered a tough mans race which always provides  a worthy victor . Over the years the route for the race itself has changed as the roads become more congested . This year the promoting club Clonmel CC have once again outdone themselves to come up with a great circuit for both participants and spectators alike .


The race will start and finish in the picturesque village of Marlfield on the outskirts of the town . Marlfield is steeped in the tradition of cycling with it’s most famous son being my friend and business partner Ray Clarke . When Ray won his first All-Ireland title at under-15 level the whole community were out in support as he arrived home . When he won The ESCA international competition in England on his first outing in a green jersey a celebratory home coming was organised . For many years the people of Marlfield would travel to races far and wide to support their friend and neighbour and were there for many of his famous victories including the senior National Championship in 1998 . As this will probably be his last year competing at the very top of the sport you can be sure that Marlfield will be out in force to cheer him on once more . 

The race starts and finishes at the top of the village so the climb up through Marlfield should be a great place to watch the race  .

Enquiries have already been made as to the difficulty of the new course so last Saturday morning before work I went around it and put the following clip together ;


And here is the Garmin data from the spin ;


And here is the route on mapmyride.com ;

03/30/2009 Route

For more details see  www.clonmelcc.com

And best of luck on the day :)


7 Responses to “Clonmel Race Route !”

  1. Darren says:

    Myyyyy God !!! Thats what you’d call a circuit of HELL !!!!! Massive amounts of pain will have to be endured by the winner of this…. Clonmel C.C have surpassed themselves with the route !!! Great spectacle on the finish climb..

  2. Jap says:

    Not quite a full lap Barry!. Must have stopped into mountain View for breakfast.
    Another 120 feet of climbing to Condons Cross so about 800 ft per lap in total.

  3. Stephen Clancy says:

    Hi guys, just a quick question in relation to the Bill Hyland Memorial Cycle race. How many laps will it be for each category, basically what is the distance that will be ridden by each category? Thanks in advance for your help, I genuinely really appreciate it! Cheers :)

  4. Hi Stephen ,

    Rumour has it that it will be 5 laps for the C’s and Vets with the A/B’s doing 8 laps .

    That’s what we’ve been told so far anyway .


  5. Brian says:

    Hi Barry
    What is the distance per lap.

  6. Hi Brian .

    It’s approx. 9 miles per lap . The A/B’s are doing 7 laps and the C/Vet/Juniors 5 laps .


  7. Richie says:

    Looks like one tough circuit!!Lookin 4ward to it now though thanks for posting!:D

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