Monthly Archives: February 2010

An Post’s secret to success !

When his training program said that he was to do 6 hours , and he could not go outdoors , he did 6 hours indoors on the turbo trainer. Consuming over 10 litres of water during the six hour period he was also sweating this much out . His wife had to come in to him every now and then with a bucket and mop to soak up his perspiration from the floor

The common cold

Most people suffer pretty regularly from the common cold as it’s known . Everyone has their own definition of just what a ‘cold’ is . Some people take to the bed at the first sign of a sniffle whilst others just plough on whilst coughing up a lung satisfied in the knowledge that they still…

Katz Malackie !

There is a guy who regularly comes into the shop called Katz Malackie . Now Katz is not an Estonian sprinter but a van salesman from just outside Clonmel . He never raced , but always had an interest in cycling and often fixes up neighbours bikes , and bikes he ‘pulls out of ditches’…