A quick way to wash your bike !

Here is a quick way to wash your bike after every spin . Everyone will have their own method but I have managed to do this in under 5 minutes and leave my bike looking like new . The amount of salt and grit on the roads at present makes this essential .

Regular washing means no build up of gunk on the chain and cassette or wheels . This makes washing so much easier .

I use Fenwicks foaming degreaser . Other degreasers are good too but I like how it pushes out the dirt as it foams up .

I also use fenwicks fs-10 bike wash spray . This is very similar to products like muc-off , pirahna or finish line bike wash .

My brushes are made by finish line and are available as a full set of 5 for around €16

I also use shimano chain and cable lube or finish line ceramic wet lube . I’m not a big fan of the dry teflon type lube but many people do use them in summer .



Before ;


After ;


Here is a video of the full process from start to finish . It is a bit blurry at times but you will get the idea .








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  1. Ashy

    on July 30, 2011 at 2:51 pm - Reply

    I’ve been riding in france for a majority of the summer and my bike look atrocious.
    this was pretty helpful buddy thanks

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