30 things learned in 30 years of cycling – No. 2

How to deal with pain

Pain in your feet :

Your shoe straps are too tight.

Your cleats are too far forward. Slide them back 2mm or less at a time.

You may need orthotics.

Pain in your achilles tendon :

Your saddle is too low and your heel is dropping too much putting extra strain on your achilles tendon with each pedal stroke.

Pain in your shins :

Your cleats are too far forward putting extra pressure on the front of your shins as you try to pedal with your toes.

Pain on front of your knee :

Your saddle is too low and you are putting extra pressure with no respite on your knees.

Pain behind your knee :

Your saddle is too high and you are straining your knee with each overstretched pedal stroke.

Pain in your hands :

Your bars are too low and you are putting too much pressure on your hands or your saddle is not level pushing your weight forward. Your hoods are too far down and you are riding on the bars pressing right onto your Ulnar nerve cutting off the circulation into your hands. Raise the angle of your hoods, shorten your stem and make sure that you can reach the hoods comfortably

Pain in your ass :


The person beside you keeps half wheeling you, or

Your handle bars are too low and you are sitting incorrectly on the saddle

Your saddle is the incorrect shape for your anatomy

The chamois of your shorts is the wrong shape for your anatomy

You need to spend more time training.

Pain in your lower back :

Your saddle is too low.

You are too stretched on the bike and need a shorter stem. It can also be caused by being too cramped on the bike, arching your back which will need a longer stem.

It is also possible to be caused by a leg length discrepancy which needs to be rectified by a bike fit specialist.

Your core is weak and you need to strengthen it up with gym work.

Pain in your neck/shoulders :

Your bars are too low or too high, or you are too stretched and need a shorter stem.

You are riding with your elbows ‘locked’ and inflexible.

Pain in your head :

The rider next to you keeps on incessantly telling you how well he is going and how many races he will win even though he has hairy legs and no racing licence.

Pain everywhere else :

Suck it up, tough it out and be the best you can !






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  • June 13, 2017 at 3:52 am

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