Apres Ras

If the soccer fans can have ‘Apres Match’ why can’t us cyclists have our own version now that ‘The Ras’ is over . Here’s what I think it might be like ;

Bill O’Willoughby – Oookkeee doke , there we have it now folks , another fantastic Ras draws to a close . Didn’t the boy Gallagher do well . It’s a long time now since we had such a dramatic display of fantastic team work such as that shown by those An Post boys during the week . I’ll throw it out now to the panel to get their reactions on the past weeks tournament , I mean race .
Eamonn , John , what did ye make of it all ?

Eamonn DunFitzsimons – Well Bill , firstly I’d like to say that I’d like everyone to give a big RTE welcome to the men of the Ras !

Bill – Okee doke Eamonn , but you do know that there are none of the riders here in the studio , don’t you ?

Eamonn – I knoow , I knoow , I’m just speaking metaphysically .

Johnny Stokes – I think that’s metaphorically you mean Eamonn .

Eamonn – Yea , yea metaforeheadly , or whatever . But what I mean is that I want people to welcome these brave , courageous , determined , inspiring young men into their hearts . The pain , the suffering , the agony , the punctures . There all part of what makes this such a great game !

Bill – Okee doke Eamonn , we’re straying a little off subject here now aren’t we . John , what did you think of how the race went ?

John – Well Bill , firstly I’d have to say that it really was a fantastic game . Right from the kick off the way those boys got stuck in and gave it their all really was a display of how the game should be played . When young Cassidy had to be stretchered off the other teams really gave a great illustration of sportsmanship . It was hard luck on the young lad but he’ll be back again pretty quickly and with his talent he could be back in the yellow shirt this day next year .

Eamonn – I agree John . But I have to say that the goal that Power got into Clonmel must have been one of the shots of the game . You’d normally expect a striker like him to wait until he gets into the box to take his shot , but he stole a march on the opposition by taking his shot form outside the square and lobbing it over the keeper .

John – He did Eamonn , that’s true but did you see the way his team mate O’Loughlin came back after hitting the crossbar and having the ball bounce right on the line early in the week to score in the final minute of the game . That was sheer brilliance .

Bill – Yes they were truly great moments during the game but we must hand it to young Gallagher and his team mates . They were strong at the back , strong mid climb and strong up front . What do you think made the difference between them and the rest ?

Eamonn – Well Bill , as John said earlier they recovered quickly from having Cassidy stretchered off , and they had the strength in numbers with Lloyd and DeSchroder  . But the Irish boys like O’Brien and Gallagher raised their game to another level . Young Gallagher has been there or there abouts for a few seasons now and really seems to be after settling into the team . With this win under his belt it will be interesting to see what else he may be capable off . 

John – That’s true Eamonn , but lets not forget the part that tactics played . The manager Bogaerts played a blinder but I noticed he was on the phone quiet a bit during the game .  I’m just guessing here but I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he was discussing tactics with team owner , Kelly . The way the team worked together and brought the game to everyone else was true Tour de France or World cup final  level .

Eamonn – I’ d say your right on the money there John . There was a mark of genius the way they attacked the opposition . Should be interesting to see how the whole team progresses from here .

Bill – Okee doke , well there we have it , all over for another year . I’d like to thank John and Eamonn for their insights as usual and look forward to seeing you all again soon . Don’t forget our highlights programme over on network two at seven pm tonight . Bye for now !





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