Are you a ‘Flat Liner’ or a ‘Hill Seeker’ ?

Cyclists come in 2 basic forms. Those who love cycling in the hills (Hill-Seekers) and those who don’t, and who would do anything to avoid them (Flat-Liners)

If you think about cycling as a metaphor for life what does this mean? How exciting are flat things like flat tyres, flat hair, falling flat on your face and the worst of all ‘Flat-Lining’?

Life happens out there on the ups and downs of the hills. It doesn’t really matter what size or shape you are. Taking on the challenge of the hills gives you an opportunity to show yourself that you are stronger than you imagined. You can do things that you thought impossible. Suddenly a whole new world of possibilities opens up before you.

Just like life climbing doesn’t really get any easier the more hills you conquer, you just get stronger and better able to cope with the next hill that comes along.

If you never make the effort to get to the summit you never get to experience the pleasure and rush of adrenaline of the descent before you go face the next climb again.

Next time you are out on the bike and come to a crossroads, take the one up hill, it will be worth it !



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