A guy from Clonmel recently moved to the Phillipines . He befriended a local cyclist who invited him out on a spin with one of the local cycling clubs . On his first day out his friend was unable to go with the group but he headed along anyway .

Cycling groups can sometimes be a little cliqueish but all of the Philipino lads seemed like a nice bunch .

As the group set off at a nice steady pace the locals chated to their new visitor in English but spoke their own language amongst themselves .

He thought that he was getting along fine until he heard someone shout ‘Asshole ‘

Thinking that he had done something stupid he made a concious effort to call the potholes and hold his line in the group .

Still , a few miles later once again he heard a shout ‘Asshole’ and he wondered what they were all saying about him as they spoke  amongst themselves .

A few more episodes of  being called an Asshole whilst being treated to a litany of smiles and polite conversation convinced the Clonmel man that it must just be a cultural thing , so he decided to not take offence at being called an Asshole and got on with the rest of the spin , whilst also trying not to do anything out of the way .

At the end of the spin a few of the locals shook his hand and said ‘see you next time ‘ and they all smiled as they said goodbye and he was still unsure as to how they felt about him .

It wasn’t until he met his friend the following day that he got to see the bigger picture .

The Clonmel man was explaining that the guys were all really nice but that every now and then they would call him an Asshole . His friend burst out laughing , it turned out that the Philipino word for dog is Aso !


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