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One of the most efficient ways of improving both  performance and comfort is by having a proper bike fit.

In the past methods such as Greg LeMonds .885 calculation of inside leg measurement were used but this had a major flaw in that it did not take into account the foot position at the bottom of the pedal stroke. If you had a flat foot it was close enough but if you pedalled with your heel 2cm higher than the ball of your foot at the bottom of the stroke it was way off.

For a proper bike fit you need to be wearing your cycling clothes and shoes, sitting on the saddle pedalling your normal style on either your own bike on a stationary trainer or an a purpose built stationary bike.


All good bike fits start from the foundation up. If you’re shoes and cleats are not correctly set up everything that follows will be incorrect.

Saddle set back is also an important issue and a crucial measurement that all professional riders know is their saddle set back behind the bottom bracket.

Handle bar reach and height are also two very important areas of concentration. Many people when experiencing discomfort whilst cycling try to shorten and raise everything up front. Sometimes this can be an extra contributing factor to discomfort as well as bike control.

If a sufficient amount of weight is not out over the front of the bike whilst cornering or descending, the bike can feel very unstable.


These are just a few pointers on bike fit and are part of what is covered whenever I carry out a bike fit on any cyclist.

A full bike fit including shoe, pedal and cleat set up on a road bike costs €70 and on a TT or Triathlon bike costs €90

If you would like to make an appointment or just to find out any more about the service that I provide please contact me below ;

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