Captain Chaos

There are many different characters in the world of Irish cycling . Some like to live a quiet and subdued lifestyle with little or no speedbumps along the way . There are others , however , who live on the edge . Those who always make an impact on those around them . They live  life to the max and are always unpredictable . One of that rare breed is Captain Chaos .

This Jack and Jones poster boy is a member of the club of 32 . That is an Irish cyclist who either currently holds , or has previously held a professional license .

Doing nothing by halves , one of his first outings as a professional was the Belgian classic Liege-Bastogne-Liege .  Before the start he was chatting with Sean Kelly who was comentating with Eurosport when along came David Duffield , Kelly’s co-comentator on the day .

Duffield asked Kelly if he had any advice for this new young professional . Kelly being well aware that a neo pro would do well to get to two thirds distance answered with a wry smile . Aaawww watch Taafi ( the favourite on the day ) . Duffield took that on board and everyone set off for their days work .

With 20 k to go in the race Taafi put in a blistering attack and Duffield asked live on air : Sean , Sean , where is Fox ? Kelly answered with a hint of amusement  in his voice : Aaaww those young fellas , they never listen !


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