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Things I’ve learned cycling on the N24

Part of the N24 stretches the 20 kilometres from Carrick on Suir to Clonmel . Since I started cycling in 1986 I have travelled this road thousands of times in both directions in the company of many of Ireland’s greatest ever cyclists and also one of the worlds greatest ever. The shared knowledge and sound […]

The Big Move !

Once the ball was rolling it took less than four weeks to fit out the new shop and completely relocate our business . We had a huge amount of help from friends and family and there were some pretty long days put in . A 5am start to a 10pm finish was not unusual . Now that we are getting settled in , it’s great to see the reaction of customers who have all been very positive about our new store .

Variety – The spice of life !

When you work in a bike shop no two days are ever the same . Different people and different bikes are in and out every day . Also because it’s our own business there’s everything else that goes along with being self employed , accounts , orders , marketing etc. Whilst I’m not one for […]

‘ The Knock ‘

The knock or the bonk or whatever you wish to call it is something almost every cyclist experiences at some stage or other . And whilst Knock may be a place of pilgrimage for many Irish people ‘the knock’ is another form of pennance altogether . The most common location around us to view someone […]

Tip of the week – bike washing

One of the most important ways to keep your bike running smoothly is to wash it often . It will save both money and frustration as it will improve chain wear and show up most minor problems before they develop into major ones . Here’s how to do it properly ! What you will need : […]

Cycling to work

With the summer now officially upon us along with the longer evenings and brighter mornings more and more people are being tempted to leave the car at home and  cycle to work . The advantages are obvious , heatlthier , cheaper , faster if you live in a town or city , more enjoyable as […]

The men of the Ras

Each year during the third week in May several towns in Ireland reverberate to the sound of Paddy Fitzsimons voice encouraging the people of the town to ‘ Give a big Templemore ( or eight other town names each year ) welcome to the Men of The Ras ‘. ‘ The Ras ‘ holds a mythical […]

The Pros are coming !

Last week it was announced that top level pro racing was coming back to Ireland after a break of over  fifteen years . The last event of this nature was The Nissan Classic . ‘ The Nissan ‘ as it will always be known was the biggest ever contribution to the growth of cycling in […]

Tip of the week – punctures

What to do if you get a puncture miles from home ! 1 : Always carry at least one spare tube along with a few patches and some solution (glue) . Most people will also need a set of two or three tyre levers and of course a pump . 2 : If it is a […]

Getting lost in Ireland

Very often we have people come in to the shop who ask us for directions . Sometimes it will be a delivery driver looking for a particular street in the town or perhaps someone looking for the community partnership offices further down our block . We also get the odd tourist who may be looking […]