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Roche at the worlds !

In 1987 Stephen Roche wore the green Irish jersey and won the WorldCycling Championships . Twenty one years later his son Nicholas who has just completed a fantastic Tour of Spain will wear the green Irish Jersey at this years world championships in Varese Italy . Stephen Roche 1987 Nicholas Roche 2008 Barry

A real life soundtrack !

Have you ever heard a song on the radio and immediately been reminded of being in another place at another time . It happened to me yesterday in the shop . As I was fitting a new rear gear cable into a Pinarello prince Alanis Morrisette came on the radio proclaiming that she had one […]

Behind the scenes – The stage race mechanic !

Last week as I watched ‘the tour’ on Eurosport I found myself nodding in agreement at the television as Kelly described the job of a cycling mechanic as the toughest on the race . The riders have it tough for the duration of the stage , but as soon as they cross the line they […]

Variety – The spice of life !

When you work in a bike shop no two days are ever the same . Different people and different bikes are in and out every day . Also because it’s our own business there’s everything else that goes along with being self employed , accounts , orders , marketing etc. Whilst I’m not one for […]

Sean Kelly – The big big movie !

MGM have recently released a film based on the life of Scottish cyclist Graeme Obree . Whilst Obree’s story is good what would a big budget film about Kelly be like ? It might be something like this ; Jack Kelly ( played by Gabriel Byrne ) wanders out into a field on a bleak […]

Where are they now ?

Yesterday afternoon whilst recovering from another fantastic spin off road we were having lunch  when a blast from the past appeared before us . Both Ray and myself had to do a double take when Shane O’Meara formerly of The Shannon Transport club in Limerick appeared before us . We had all raced together up […]

Mountain Mayhem !

The racing season is over and the ‘good bikes ‘ have been washed and hung up for the winter . The quest for an adrenaline rush and some fitness still remains so where else would we look than the adrenaline junkies paradise of off road riding , or mountain biking as we like to call […]

‘ The Knock ‘

The knock or the bonk or whatever you wish to call it is something almost every cyclist experiences at some stage or other . And whilst Knock may be a place of pilgrimage for many Irish people ‘the knock’ is another form of pennance altogether . The most common location around us to view someone […]

Tip of the week – bike washing

One of the most important ways to keep your bike running smoothly is to wash it often . It will save both money and frustration as it will improve chain wear and show up most minor problems before they develop into major ones . Here’s how to do it properly ! What you will need : […]

Cycling to work

With the summer now officially upon us along with the longer evenings and brighter mornings more and more people are being tempted to leave the car at home and  cycle to work . The advantages are obvious , heatlthier , cheaper , faster if you live in a town or city , more enjoyable as […]

The men of the Ras

Each year during the third week in May several towns in Ireland reverberate to the sound of Paddy Fitzsimons voice encouraging the people of the town to ‘ Give a big Templemore ( or eight other town names each year ) welcome to the Men of The Ras ‘. ‘ The Ras ‘ holds a mythical […]

The Pros are coming !

Last week it was announced that top level pro racing was coming back to Ireland after a break of over  fifteen years . The last event of this nature was The Nissan Classic . ‘ The Nissan ‘ as it will always be known was the biggest ever contribution to the growth of cycling in […]

Tip of the week – punctures

What to do if you get a puncture miles from home ! 1 : Always carry at least one spare tube along with a few patches and some solution (glue) . Most people will also need a set of two or three tyre levers and of course a pump . 2 : If it is a […]

Le Tour

Each year throughout the cycling world and beyond millions of fans tune in their televisions each afternoon to view live events at the Tour de France . On the continent sidewalk cafes  fill with enthusiastic supporters every day . Some people even plan their annual holidays in order to watch it live on T.V . […]

Visiting the Kingdom

I have often been to Kerry . Sometimes on holidays or day-trips , other times whilst racing . Every time I go there I have a new experience of where Kerryman jokes come from like ; A Kerryman rang Aer Lingus and asked how long it took to fly from Dublin to London. “Just a […]

The day I had ‘ lunch on Kelly ‘

A few years ago whilst doing my bit for international relations travelling across America, I spent a few months living in San Diego, California . I worked in that most noble of professions of telemarketing . At the time San Diego seemed to be the telemarketing capital of the world . The first company that I worked […]

Where everybody knows your name !

Working in a bike shop is not like working in most other retail shops . In a newsagents and similar shops people come in , get what they need ,and leave . There may be a brief comment on the weather or just a simple ‘thanks’ . Transactions are undertaken in a brief business like […]