Changing Times

With all of the discussion during the week concerning the splitting of the group Sunday was always going to be interesting .  There was an air of trepidation as the group entered Clonmel at full strength of almost sixty riders .

Nobody wanted to get left behind in a small group so there were many volunteers to be seen heading up along the line at the outside of the group . However this group was far too big so it was decided to allow it to split on the climb up the Cashel road out of Clonmel .

This theory was good until those up ahead began to stall and to wait for the group behind to merge once again which was not the idea . It began to settle with Pretty Polly Mac driving along at the head of group one . Then 2 miles later a phone message was relayed up through the group that a number of riders including Vinny had been left behind .

The most practical thing to do was for the two groups to continue at a steady pace whilst a few strong riders went back to collect the stragglers . Once again the theory was better than the practice .

Five of us went back the road and then realised that either some form of Alien abduction had occured or the boys had gone home , which did seem more likely .

This left just five of us together with two larger groups up ahead . Brian , Martin ,Leslie , Dick and myself rode along pretty hard without busting a gut but didn’t see anyone else for most of the spin .

However as we Breezed through Cashel and Golden before returning to Clonmel we all noted that it was definetly a safer way to train although the small size of the group also meant that it was a bit tougher but  i  guess that’s why it’s called Training .

So far it seems that next week there will be two start times with the traditional group leaving at 9.00 am whilst another more serious group will leave at 9.15 .


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