Dan the Man

On Saturday Daniel Martin , the nephew of Stephen Roche , cousin of Nicolas and son of former professional Neil Martin won a race .

The race was the Tour of Poland , the first national tour victory by Irish rider since Kelly’s victory in Spain in 1988 and uncle Stephens wins in France and Italy the previous year .

In years to come this may be looked upon , along with Philip Deignan’s great stage win in last years Vuelta , as the beginning of the second great era of Irish cycling .

There will never be another Kelly , a rider capable of winning any race under any condition , from any country . It is impossible to see anyone equal Roche seniors wins in the GIro , Tour and Worlds in a single year where he joined a club of 2 alongside the legend that is Eddy Merckx .

However the current crop of riders who have ‘Ireland ‘ stamped on the cover of their passports gives us something real and tangible to hope for . The numbers of cyclists on the roads of Ireland are now close to the numbers of the mid eighties which was the Golden era .

I don’t know what lies ahead for the cycling fans of Ireland but I am really looking forward to finding out over the next few years !



One thought on “Dan the Man

  • August 26, 2010 at 5:53 pm

    are there two dans the man? is there room for 2? poor waterford Dan is in decline, but this Dan is on the up and up. I’m from tipperary, but I admire the waterford Dan. great contribution to Waterford. but, every doggy has his day.



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