Dogma 2

Ciao , my name is Dogma 2 . I come from the family of Pinarello . Some of you fortunate souls may have known my older brother Dogma 1 . He was very fit and fast and could really handle himself . He had grace and poise and many people remarked upon his beauty . Some said that he was the best of his kind , but now I am here , and I am truly the greatest yet , and humble too !




Our Uncle Banesto Pinarello had a very successful time working with a great family friend Miguel Indurain back in the early nineties and our other Uncle Prince Pinarello also tasted great success in The Tour de France .

My big brother, Dogma 1, when he was young, he too tasted success at the Tour but nobody remembers . Why you may ask , well I will tell you why .

In 2006 when he was very young , he worked with a guy from Spain called Oscar . Oscar was a nice boy and my Mamma liked him , and he liked her spaghetti . But Oscar, he raced against a guy from the USA who liked the Big Mac called Floyd . While Oscar was a racer who worked hard every day to loose no time , Floyd was full of the drama , amongst other things . One day it look like Oscar is going to win the Tour and my Mamma was so happy . The next day Big Mac Floyd go all day on his own with nobody for company , take the nice shirt from Oscar and Mamma burn her spaghetti .

A few days later they get to Paris , Big Mac Floyd still has the nice shirt and the only thing Mamma say is ‘Why is his hat on backwards, that won’t keep the sun from his face ‘ . He get to roll down the Champs Elysee with his friend BMC and Oscar and my brother Dogma have to amble along behind with nobody looking at them . My brother not talk to anyone for a week after that .



Then imagine our surprise when a few weeks later somebody come and tell us that Big Mac Floyd was at the Ferrari factory and they were hiding his nice shirt on him . At first we were confused until a neighbour tell us that he had special sauce that sound like Testarossa and that no one is allowed use the special sauce and that anyone who does cannot keep any nice shirts no matter what colour they are .

Many months later a letter came to our house from a man in Switzerland telling us that Big Mac Floyd has no shirts anymore and that Oscar can now wear the shirt if he likes . Mamma was happy and sad . She was happy Oscar now has the shirt but sad that nobody get to see him wear it .

Because of my beauty many people want to look like me . The man from the Chinese restaurant like my look so much he try to make himself look like me in his kitchen . From a distance even my Mamma see him one day and think it was me, but up close she see the big difference . I am leaner , fitter and much stronger. My headset and bottom bracket are unique . Even though we both grow up in the same area , the carbon makeup of my body is totally different and my movements are more graceful too . Mamma says that I am a nice boy that any girl could trust with her life but that the guy from the restaurant is liable to do anything with his thirty euro fake Rolex on his arm .

I have a new friend for this year called Mark . He is a funny boy . Mamma says he could do with a new razor and would even shave him herself but she says he is too fast to catch . He has friends from his country who drive around in a big bus telling everyone to look up at the Sky .They all like to hang out with Shimano Di2  . Me , I really like it too but Pappa tells me that I can only drive his Ferrari if I bring Campagnolo Super Record electro with me . I don’t mind either way as they are both great fun to be around .




So there you have it . I am pretty popular these days and might not be the easiest to track down , but if you would like me to come and stay with you for a while give the boys in Worldwidecycles (052 6121146 or a call and they should be able to arrange something special for you .




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