Down at the E.S.B.

For many years now the ‘Carrick’ group has set off at nine am from outside what was the old ESB office in Carrick . This group spin is an institution in Irish cycling with every level of rider from Sean Kelly down joining in . Before it would have been possible to fill every national team for the year out of this group alone . In the past riders have travelled from Dublin just to head out with the group .

One of the ‘regulars’ Joe Hahessy has fought his own battle in the past and won. Unfortunately he was out of action again for a few months before Christmas with a leg injury but this cloud had a silver lining in that it gave him the chance to work on another of his many talents . Below is the result ;



The wind is my friend

Its challenging song

Come ride against me

I will make you strong


Clubmen and champions

Young and old alike

Gather together

For the love of the bike


Twenty five

Likeminded souls

Peddle out of Carrick

As the ninth bell tolls


Two by two up the road

Our ranks swell

More riders wheel round to join us

Fast approaching Clonmel


Over the gashouse bridge

Bringing traffic to a stop

Passed people fresh from worship

Newspapers bought at the shop


Barry goes up the line

Camera in hand

To record the happy faces

Of this Sunday morning band


The first big rise

Having raced through Ballymac

Quietens the chatter

Of the sit ons at the back


Up on the high ground

Where Bobby Powered his way

Across this windswept moorland

Every Stephens’s day


Plunging down Colligan

Our last respite

Passed the Master McGrath

Into the brilliant sunlight


At the top of the Pike

Beginning to get shook

Kelly takes it all in

With one long look


Powering up the Hay Sheds

No quarter asked for or given

From the strong men at the front

Tapping out the rhythm


Down hill for a while

Through Crotty’s playground

A long swig from the bottle

Helps bring you around


Big ringing it up Dá Rua`s

At a savage pace

This training ride as usual

Has morphed into a race


As we passed the home place

Kelly goes in the attack

Riders jumping all over the road

Trying to bring him back


Grab a fast wheel

And bide your time

With one mighty effort

Go for the line


Head low over the bars

Your sick with the pain

Legs are burning

Lungs aflame



Your one heart beat away from death

That’s plain for all to see

“See ye next week lads

Down at the E.S.B.”

Thanks for sharing this Joe and see you next Sunday  ,


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