Going Wild, the Irish Atlantic Way.

Last week a group of 25 Adventurers from the Burren Cycling club covered all 2500 kilometers of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way over the course of just five days. The sights, the sounds, the pain and the exhilaration will all live long in the memories of all who took part in the challenge. You can see how they got on here

The longest coastal route in the World offers everything a cyclist could ask for. There are many different ways to experience the WAW.

Many hotels along the route have recognised the benefits of catering for cyclists and visitors on two wheels are welcomed with open arms and very well taken care of.

There are also many organised events that offer the opportunity to enjoy much of the WAW has in store for cyclists. Along with the multitude of one day sportives such as the Ring of Kerry, The Tour de Burren and The Tour de Connemara amongst many others, there are also multi day events that offer another level of WAW experience again.

The CROSS Rugby Legends Atlantic 1000 has been going since 2012. The mixture of Rugby legends who are now bike riders cycling in the midst of all types of regular cyclists seems to really capture peoples imagination. When you are struggling up a hill and look across at a guy twice your size who was once at the World pinnacle of his chosen sport struggling alongside, a sense of combined pain and effort helps to bring you to the top. As with all things Rugby their is also a good social aspect to the event. To find out more click here

Internationally cycling events such as this are giving great exposure to our little corner of Europe.

We are all very lucky to have the Wild Atlantic Way on our doorstep. The next step is just to get out there and cycle as much or as little of it as you can !



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  • May 12, 2015 at 8:41 am

    The Giro de Baile Cycling sportive on Aug the 2nd Covers North Mayo on the Wild Atlantic Way.


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