How Much ? for a bicycle !!

Sometimes , when you meet someone who is not a cyclist and they ask how much your bike is worth the reaction can be quiet amusing . In general , the information that a regular guy or girl has a ‘bicycle’ worth anything from two to twelve grand is responded to in a tone of incredulity . eg : ‘Four grand for a bicycle !! , sure you’d buy a fine car for that .’

Last week in the shop when I was showing a customer a hybrid with a price tag of €399 he replied ‘ Ahsure ’tis only something for knocking around that I’m looking for , sure me car isn’t even worth four hundred euro ‘

What , I wonder would ordinary people who think a bike is something ‘for knocking around on’ think of the prices paid for some of Lance Armstrongs’ bikes at an auction in New York last night .

First up came the ‘Hirst’ bike which he rode on the Champs Elysees whilst finishing third in this years tour .


This sold for $500,000 !!!!!

Next was the Kenny Scharff TT bike from the Giro ,

kenny scharff

a bargain at $45,000

Then the Nara which he rode during the Annecy TT at this years tour .


 This made $200,000

After that was the ‘Shep Fairey’ ( sounds a bit like little bo peeps sheep dog ) .

shep fairey


The ‘KAWS’


made $160,000

‘Marc Newson’

marc newson

sold for $110,000

The ‘Stolen’ TT bike which was recovered after being stolen at the Tour of California


sold for $130,000 ! ( It would have made $100 on the Streets of San Jose )

This Ferrari is for sale on carzone at present for €65,000 ,


Sure , you wouldn’t even get a bicycle for that !!!


2 thoughts on “How Much ? for a bicycle !!

  • November 2, 2009 at 7:46 am

    $1.3 million not bad for a few bikes!! I wonder if Armstrong had intended using the Hirst bike in the Giro to match a certain Jersey, Awh what a shame !!

  • November 2, 2009 at 11:03 pm

    I am sorry to any bike fan but I would much prefer the Ferrari than any bike in the world. and think you could get the Ferrari and a matching Ferrari pedal bike for around £2500 which seems expensive until you see a pedal bike worth more than the Ferrari!!!!


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