Kelly crashes Wedding

Yesterday was an ordinary afternoon in east Cork. People were going about their normal daily lives. Some were at, or going to and from work. Some were going shopping. Some were getting married and some were out walking their dogs. In one part of Cork city a well known visitor stopped by. With the current surge in cycling popularity, many companies are switching from the traditional golf outing for clients and staff to cycling events. And there is no bigger offering for a corporate cycling event than to have 6 time World Number 1 Sean Kelly as the host of the event. As someone said recently ‘sure it’s like going for a round of golf with Rory McElroy’.

The Radison Blu hotel was the venue for yesterdays event and shortly after 3pm a group of just under forty cyclists of all abilities set off with Sean for a very enjoyable and well paced 60k spin. The group rolled along nicely with everyone getting a chance to meet each other and have a brief chat as the two lines rotated nicely.

The halfway point for the spin was the very scenic Garryvoe. A stunning location overlooking Ballycotton Bay and the Ballycotton lighthouse.


As the cyclists arrived in for some snacks and refreshments the ever vigilant Sean happened to be the first to notice the approach of an immaculate vintage VW Campervan. Just as the van was about to enter the carpark Sean shouted ‘Stop’ and waved his hand. The roof rack on the campervan was too high for the barrier and would have been ripped off had Sean not spotted it in time.


Sean then carried on chatting to the cyclists. The Campervan turned out to be a wedding party and the bridesmaids, who were smiling continuously for photographs were smiling even more when the opportunity for a photo with a celebrity presented itself.



The Bride and groom noticed the slight commotion and immediately made their way up from the beach and there were smiles all round for a truly unique photo for her own wedding album. Kelly remarked that the bride would need an ONDA dress from if she went any closer to the water.


Kelly wished them all the best for their future and all went happily on their way. The group of cyclists also enjoyed the lighthearted moment before all were soon on their 30k way back to the Radisson hotel once again.

After a nice warm shower and a good hearty meal all of the cyclists had ample time to hear many insights and anecdotes about Seans’ career and ask some very insightful and entertaining questions. If all of the advise is followed they will be the fittest group of cyclists in Cork next season.


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