Look what happens when Kimmage gets thick !

Many Irish cyclists are notoriasly ‘thick’. Not in the sense of not being the sharpest tools in the shed, but moreso in the sense of performing at their very best when angered by a particular situation, event or another person.

Whilst Paul Kimmage may be the best known of the family of cyclists, his father and brothers were right up there at the top of the sport domestically and sometimes Internationally too.

Kevin ‘Jacko’ Kimmage was one of the best domestic riders for many years, alongside his brothers Raphael ‘Raffles’ and Christy jnr.

Winning the 1991 FBD Milk Ras showcased his pedigree but it was a tenacious victory on the streets of Great Malvern in England that really underlined his fighting spirit.

A crash on a steep hill just six miles from the finish saw him distanced from his breakaway companions, some of whom were professionals at the time. Kimmage had two choices, roll around on the ground whinging about a lost opportunity or get thick, hop back on the bike as quickly as possible and win the bloody stage.

Kimmage choose the latter as can be seen in this video below ; Paul Nolan the Irish team mechanic played his part too and it is also nice to see that even though it was the British Milk Race, FBD Milk Ras caps were brought along for the trip across the water too.



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