Lost !

One day I was chatting to the volunteer crew on a charity cycle from Cork to Carlow. They mentioned that almost everyone was accounted for aside from one lady who they presumed had gone straight on in Cahir in the direction of Cashel. At least she would be able to make her way from Cashel into Clonmel with just an extra 20k on the clock .

This reminded me of the guy on one years edition of the Tour de cure from Middleton who asked in Clonmel where the turn off for the 100k was, about 50k after passing it.

Then one evening I heard about the longest detour yet. One Sunday morning the Ballyduff GAA club ran a sponsored cycle from Ballyduff, Co. Waterford to Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

One of the organisers said in the pre cycle talk ‘now lads , we’re headin on through Kilmeaden up asfar as Fiddown , where we turn right and out onto the main Carrick road . We stop in Carrick for oranges and water , then on up to Clonmel . IF ANY OF YE GET LOST IN CARRICK DON’T CROSS THE BRIDGE .

Then we stop in Clonmel for tea and sandwiches before heading on to Cashel where we have another stop for oranges and water.

Then it’s a straight run on up to our hotel at The Horse and Jockey, this side of Thurles.’
One of the riders who had been half paying attention heard the don’t cross the bridge in Carrick part but missed the turn right in Fiddown part. So he found himself arriving into Carrick on the wrong side of the river. Following the instruction given he did not cross the bridge and continued on.

On out to Dungarvan. On to Cappaquinn. On to Lismore. On over the Vee. On to Clogheen. On to Cahir and finally, on to Cashel where he rejoined the original route. With only one water bottle and no tea, sandwiches or oranges for sustainance he still managed to make it to the hotel just 3 hours after everybody else. And his comment upon arrival ‘The scenery on The Vee was very beautiful’
Those GAA lads are tough !



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