Medicine Man !

No two days are ever the same standing behind the counter of a bike shop . Many different and interesting types of people often drop in and we are often asked many different types of questions . The easy ones are , what size of bike do you think I may need  ? , what bike would you recommend ? , what overshoes are best in the wet ? etc. . The slightly more difficult ones are , whats causing the clicking from my bike ?  , who do you think robbed my bike from my shed ? , or when a lady asks what size shorts do you think I need ?

But just when you think that you’ve heard them all someone comes in and blows the rest out of the water . Like yesterday when , after a pretty hectic day I was getting ready to close up when a guy walked in and asked ‘ are you a medical man ?’ Now my first thought was , if I had spent seven years studying medicine I don’t think that I would be standing behind the counter of a bike shop . I also thought of former national champion and present consultant in St. James’s hospital in Dublin , Julian Dalby but knew that I couldn’t be mistaken for him . Now I was curious and asked what I could do to help .

As it turned out the guy had an Achilles tendon problem , which can be pretty common among cyclists , so he wasn’t that far off the mark coming into a bike shop for a bit of advice . I went through it with him and it turned out that it was caused by an accident at work and wasn’t getting better although it was more of a niggle than a serious ailment . I recommended that he go see a doctor and possibly put some arnica cream on it and he set off happy .

Well that was it another day and another week down and a new string added to my bow !


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