Mo’s Mahon Falls Challenge

Maurice ‘Mo’ Kiely was a larger than life character during his time on this earth. A man with a passion for anything with an engine, especially if that engine was attached to two wheels, he was known and liked far and wide. Sadly his time on earth came to an end far too soon but the life that he lived was one to be celebrated.

During the celebration of Mo’s funeral, as could be expected many mourners headed for the local pub. As stories and tales were exchanged the atmosphere created when all were focused upon a brave and courageous man led to a challenge being made.

Two friends of Mo, decided to take each other on in a race up the ferocious Mahon Falls. This, however would be a challenge with a difference. The main reason for the challenge would be to raise much needed funds for Bru Columbanus, a home from home accommodation for relatives of seriously ill patients of Cork hospitals and hospices.

So, on October 1st at 11am Mick Foley and Kenny Power will do everything possible to beat each other to the summit of Mahon Falls.

There will be fundraising there on the day and local sponsorship cards are available beforehand from Mick Foley who can be contacted at 087 6389615



In the pub after the burial of our dear friend Maurice (Mo) Kiely, a light hearted challenge

was made for a cycling race up Mahon Falls. It was suggested that we could make this a charitable event and any monies collected would go to “Bru Columbanus” which was a great help to Maurice and Jean (Maurice’s wife) on the numerous occasions that he was in Cork University Hospital.

At that point “Good Will” took over and Maurice’s friends gave immediately and generously. The Challenge was born.

Bru Columbanus, is a ‘home from home’ accommodation for relatives of seriously ill

patients in any of the Cork hospitals & hospice. The rooms are en-suite, with communal kitchen. ‘Bru’ is Irish for hostel. It was established in 2005 under the auspices of the Knights of Columbanus.
Jean stayed here on many occasions, over the last 8 years since Maurice was diagnosed, sometimes for up to three an a half months.

She could prepare Maurice’s food from here, which meant he was able to continue with his special high nutritional diet. But mostly, (due to the close proximity of the facility to the hospital) it gave them, time together.
In Jean’s own words “Bru Columbanus gave me time with Maurice, being able to get up every morning and walk less than 5 minutes to the hospital and spend precious time with Maurice meant so much to us both. I am forever in their debt, and we are truly grateful to all involved”.

Maurice loved life and everything in between, people were just drawn to his good nature.

He was such a positive person and always up for a laugh.
Maurice went through a lot over the last 8 years. Within weeks of being diagnosed, he had major surgery on his spine that took over 8 hours. A few years later he had his right leg pinned from hip to knee, only to have it amputated a few more years later. Alongside all this, he endured the most sickly cancer treatments.
Through it all he kept his sense of humour and never lay down under it. In fact, it made him/us live life to the full and take every opportunity to laugh, love and live.
Just before Maurice went to hospital last May, he was looking at ways to cycle his bike with only one leg, so he could ride the greenway with his family. He also followed the Tour de France every year, in fact, we done one of the routes’ through the Alps on our motorbike, he was amazed at the stamina of the cyclists.
Maurice would get a great kick out of Kenny and Mick doing a sprint up Mahon falls. He would be on the phone stirring the boys up wicked. But mostly, Maurice would be deeply moved by the show of love and support this has gathered.
Maurice was a family man, he was a son, a brother, a husband, a father and a truly great friend, and that has really shown through since his passing by all his friends.

MICK FOLEY (King of the mountain) was a keen motorbike racer back in the day and only took up cycling less than 2 years ago. But his competitiveness has shone through in this

sport also. His single minded determination is respected within his cycling club. He has recently been awarded a plaque for his 50th climb of Mahon Falls.
KENNY POWER (King Kenny of SJP) is an all round athlete. He is a very competitive Motocross rider and races on a regular basis. He is a regular cyclist and runner, and has completed an “Ironman” in Austria some time ago.

The race will take place on Sunday 1st October at 11am. Starting at Mahon Bridge and

finishing at the 2nd cattle grid at the top of the hill. Both men are training hard and coupled with their competitiveness it should be a cracking race.
Good luck to them both.




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