National foreign Nationals

In the Ireland of today there has been a huge influx of people from other countries who are adding to the make up of our society  . In the shop we have seen at least 30 % of our business come from new residents in our town .

Clonmel now has a population of over 20,000 and a new job sector has arisen , that of the interpretor . Funnily this is not just so we can understand foreigners but also to help us better understand ourselves .

One customer today , who was telling us about the ‘Satsumi’ ( tsunami) in Japan and the fine looking Polish ‘ interupter’ working down in the courthouse , is a huge Formula one fan . He is a big fan of Michael Shoemaker and Ruben Barenchenko both now ex-furari . But his all time favourites were Nigel Mansfield and Damian Hill who he went over to silverstones to see in action .

He once went to Mahon point shopping centre in Cork and was very impressed with Dennehys shop . This one took us a while to figure out until someone mentioned Debenhams .

He used to race back in the early nineties and had a Conalgo Masters with maverick wheels and a Shimno 600 groupset . His favourite rider was Marian Chiccalini and he believes Lloyd Landers is innocent .

Reading back over the above it may seem far fetched but I assure you it is all true and only the tip of the iceberg . There are many more stories to be told but my daughter has woken and I feel a nappy change coming on !


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