New Years Revelations

Well , it’s that time of year again , when the turkey is all gone and the pounds have been put on . Some people have been putting in the miles like Rory and Hugh who did over 900 miles in the two weeks surrounding Christmas . While others such as myself were lucky to get two spins in .

Intentions were good but the weather was crap . As Ray said earlier today , he will shake the hand of whoever is going well early in the season because it will mean that they were out clocking up the miles in some miserable conditions . Speaking of Ray , he recently won another Cidona award for his achievements last season including The Tour of Ulster victory .

Martin took three days off to celebrate the birth of the latest addition to the O’Loughlin clan , a bouncing baby girl called Clodagh , and is now back in the saddle doing four to five hours a day for the week . O how good the life of a teacher .

Decky Byrne is going well in his new role as CEO of Cycling Ireland and seems to be getting things into shape for the new season . He is even talking about getting back on the bike himself , even if it is just to beat the traffic into work .

Fitzy spent Christmas playing champagne scrambles up in the golf club and drinking a little champagne in honour of fitzy junior who will be making an appearance in early July .

The wonderful Ciara could not partake in any Christmas tipple as she too has an appointment in the Maternity ward in July just five days after Eileen . It looks like we may be able to begin a car pool .

We re-opened the shop yesterday and were very busy all day long . There was a huge demand for pumps with one customer on a 15 year old steel mountain bike informing us that his New Years resolution is to do a nine mile lap of the by-pass five days a week . If he is able to stick to it , that will be a revelation !


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