Overheard on a bike

No two days are ever the same, especially on a bike. When surrounded by all sorts of characters form all walks of life, by keeping your ears open you never know what gems of wisdom may be imparted. Some snippets sound like sage advice, and are, whilst other nuggets sound crazy at first but then begin to make a little sense. It must be the knock setting in that makes them sound ok. Try to figure out which is which below :

  • Don’t clean your ears in winter and the extra wax will stop you getting an ear ache.
  • Put lemon juice on your tyres for better grip in the wet
  • Put your water bottle on your seat tube for better aerodynamics
  • If you can’t breathe when climbing, do a bit of running to sort out your lungs
  • Wipe your glasses with fairy liquid to stop them fogging up in the rain
  • The road is faster in the rain.
  • The road is faster a foot out from the ditch where the car tyre rubber is.
  • You’re form is good when you hit 120% of your max heart rate.
  • Steak for breakfast will stop lactic acid building up in your legs
  • A raw egg in the morning will help your breathing
  • Eddy Merckx rode 20k every morning before breakfast

Feel free to add your own golden nuggets of wisdom, questionable or not, below



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