Poll Results on Cycle Mechanical ability

The results are in, and thank you to the 581 people who took the time to submit their level of mechanical competence to the poll.

Screenshot 2014-09-07 21.29.32

Screenshot 2014-09-07 21.29.19

Again the results are interesting,

The largest single level of respondence was 78 people who can clean and lube their chain. Meaning that 133 people or 22.9% are just about able to change a tube, clean and oil their chain.

207 people or 35.6% are unable to adjust their gears when they go out of line.

322 people or 55.4% are unable to carry out a basic service on their bikes.

18 people or 3.1% are able to do anything a pro team mechanic can do.

A knowledge of basic bike maintenance is important from a safety point of view and also from a being stranded on the side of the road viewpoint.

In the coming week I am going to launch a solution to this problem and try to get as many people as possible, both men and women, to reach a certain degree of mechanical confidence and proficiency when it comes to knowing how their bike works, what to do when something goes wrong and how to avoid most problems happening in the first place.

Watch this space !




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