Poll results on the Average Speed of Cycling groups

The results are in and after 24 hours thank you to all 348 people who took the time to submit their cycling groups average speed .

28 kph was the most popular answer chosen by 22.4% of respondents.

30 kph was next on 18.1%

29 kph followed closely on 11%

This coincides with anecdotal evidence that suggests that 29/30 kph is the general average speed of most training groups.

17 people submitted that their training group averages 36kph and over. I would like to thank Alberto Contador, Tony Martin, Fabian Cancellara and the rest of the lads for taking time out of their busy schedule at the Vuelta to let us know their average training speeds.

Screenshot 2014-09-02 23.14.27

Screenshot 2014-09-02 23.14.07



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