Robbie and his pillow !

Many riders have their Krypton factor or secret to success . Some have a certain pre-race ritual , others are particular about which shoe they put on first . Robbie McEwen the Aussie Sprinter and former Tour green jersey winner seems to have one of his own .

On Tuesday evening last , as we sat in the lobby bar of the Novotel in Antwerp we got an insight into what makes Robbie one of the world’s top riders . As the lift doors opened before us , who should step out but Robbie himself . A few words of greeting were exchanged and we asked if it would be OK to have a photo taken . Robbie happily obliged and could not have been nicer .

We then returned to our seats to admire the pictures that were taken . Unfortunately our photographer may have been a National Champion on the bike , but he wasn’t the best to handle the camera on an iPhone . The pictures were full of dismembered bodies with heads , arms and legs missing .

Just then as disappointment was about to set in , Robbie passed back in through the door and was beckoned over once more . At 11 pm , on the night before one of his major targets for the season , he would have been well within his rights to point us in the direction of a four letter place called off , but that does not seem to be in his nature . He laughed as we told him what had happened to our photos and gladly stood in for more , now holding a big white fluffy pillow .

And there it was , Robbie’s’ secret to success all in one . A relaxed self-assured but humble confidence . A very down to earth friendly manner , and a nice big fluffy pillow to guarantee a good nights sleep !

Robbie finished second the next day and we were all delighted to see him on the podium .


2 thoughts on “Robbie and his pillow !

    • April 8, 2010 at 9:02 pm

      Hi Gary ,

      Home again now after a great trip . Missed your tweet as 3g was a bit sketchy and was lucky to be able to upload anything . Robbie was a real gent as were most of the lads we met up with over at the race . Time to get back to reality now again though 🙂



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