Runkeeper update !

After my previous post I received some good tips from Jason from Runkeeper and @damianb on twitter re. extending battery life . Today I turnerd off the wifi and pressed the sleep button on the Iphone and gained power . I started a 3 hour spin on 85% and still had 27% when I got home .

I also used headphones and whilst listening to my itunes library of music every 5 minutes a nice American lady would talk over my music informing me of my time , distance and pace in minutes per kilometre . At first I didn’t quite know what to make of her but after a while I actually looked forward to her soothing way of keeping me informed of my progress . This also means that the big drawback of having your bike computer in your back pocket is somewhat overcome . I think it could be very useful for interval training too ( not that you would be doing intervals at this time of year ) .

It was too wet to give the picture geo tagging a good test out but I look forward to that on my next outing . Once again I had the iphone stuffed into a neoprene cover in my back pocket and there was never a problem with loss of gps signal .

One thing , though that I would like to see is an auto stop start function . This is useful when any bike computer is on the bars but would be almost essential when it is stuffed into your back pocket .

So far the runkeeper application , I downloaded the pro edition after trying out the free version first , is impressing me very much , but for the time being it is still a compliment to rather than a replacement for my Garmin edge 705 .

Todays spin ;


3 thoughts on “Runkeeper update !

  • November 18, 2009 at 9:10 am

    This is interesting as I only started using the RunKeeper app on my iPhone the other day when you tweeted about it on Twitter last week. I’m currently using the Free edition and so far so good I’m really liking it. I’m actually thinking about getting the Pro edition this week maybe, however after reading your post above I’m not sure if I want a ladies voice telling me my splits. I think it might get annoying after a while but then again at first weren’t you unsure about it… Can the voice reports be switched off ?

    I would also like to add to the points above from Jason. If you turn off Bluetooth and set mail pushing/fetching to manual and any other apps you’ve installed that uses an network connection to fetch data to off, you’ll gain even more battery.

    BTW how are the roads in south Tipperary? They are flooded everywhere up here in Roscrea and surrounding area’s!!!

    • November 18, 2009 at 8:54 pm

      Hi Sean ,

      It is possible to turn off the lady with the updates or to adjust the frequency of her interuptions . Having said that I did find it useful once I got used it . Plenty of flooding down this way too . The river is playing ping pong with the quay at present , in , out , in , out , you get the idea . Not enough to stop us getting out on the bike though 🙂


  • January 30, 2010 at 10:36 am

    didn´t know it works for cycle training as well – i will try it defintly


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