Sky’s new cycling commentator

Last week in London a new professional cycling team was launched . The new ‘super team’ has entered cycling right at the top by gaining an elusive pro tour license . A sponsorship agreement with SKY television has ensured that the new team will have one of  the largest budgets of any team on the pro-tour .

With Sky investing such a huge amount in the team , it is only natural to expect them to begin covering more cycling events on their television channels .

To compete with the dynamic duo of Kelly and Harmon on Eurosport the search is on for Sky’s very own cycling pundits . Richard Keyes is a regular on Sky sports and has previously anchored Channel 4’s  Tour de France coverage . However the list of possible candidates has now reached across the water and Eddie Moroney from ‘The Glen ‘ has even been mentioned .

Here is his audition tape ;


I can just picture Eddie getting excited about ‘Commadoor , Columbear , Columbanus or what ever the hell his name is attacking up the Allahpez ahead of the Schelp brothers and Larance Hamstring in next years Tour a France !


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