The common cold

Most people suffer pretty regularly from the common cold as it’s known . Everyone has their own definition of just what a ‘cold’ is . Some people take to the bed at the first sign of a sniffle whilst others just plough on whilst coughing up a lung satisfied in the knowledge that they still have another one .
When you feel ill rest is hugely important , but the demands of everyday family and work life may not allow for much of that .
A trip to the doctor as soon as the green phlegm appears signaling the arrival of a chest infection gets a supply of antibiotics . But it is not good for general health and even for their effectiveness if antibiotics are taken too often .
So what are your options ?
This is a regular topic of conversation over the counter of our shop as cyclists seem prone to more colds and chest infections than the average Joe .
My own case usually begins with a sniffle which then turns into a sore throat before finally producing sellafield looking globules from my chest . This is how I nip it in the (sniffle or sore throat ) bud .
Ray often uses a herbal tonic called propolis so I said that I’d give a try . It worked very well on it’s own but occasionally a the chest infection still broke through . A trip to the ‘Honey Pot’ led to the trial of an elderberry tonic called Sambucol ( not sambuka) which I also complement with 1000mg of vitamin C each day .
The results for me have been fantastic . A full winter without a cold , flu or chest infection . ( I’m touching wood as I type ) I have had sniffles and an odd day with a sore throat but nothing the trio above was unable to clear .
Now this is solely based on my own limited experience so I don’t see it appearing on any medical journal in the near future but if you do suffer from colds , flu’s and chest infections it might be worth a try .
Below are the propolis and sambucol bottles that I use which both taste O.K. but there are other similar products which you would only taste once .
If you’re a pro or someone who may be tested check the Eirphram list before trying them just in case !


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