The Dig out ! variation one

Cycling due to the individuality of the sport and the competitive nature of bike racing in general is often seen to be a discipline where to win at all costs is the only thing that matters . For sure in the heat of battle when the line is in sight a fiery competitive streak wins out in most , and they will do anything to win the race .

It is often a case of trying to finish ahead of your training partner or even club-mate which is seen as a victory of sorts . Guys often spend more time with their training partners throughout the long winter months than their wives or girlfriends yet once the flag drops they become thinly disguised competitive enemies.

It is always interesting to listen in on a cyclists conversation with one of his training partners which will often take the following pattern ;

How’re things ?

Good , yeah  , an yerself ?

Good , yeah . How’s the body ?

Ah sure alright . Were ya out much this week ?

Naw , too busy , couldn’t get out atall . ( I’ve over twenty hours done , but I’m not telling you )  Did ya get out much yerself ?

– This is where it can go either way . If an opportunity to psyche out an opponent is sensed the amount of training actually done will double  , however the cute ones usually follow the same line , especially if they have a loaded gun such as –

Naw too busy with work (although I still managed 18 hours by Thursday ) So that wasn’t you I saw last night around half nine doing a lap of the by-pass ?

(Oh Shit , I should have thought of that ) Naw , must a bin somebody else .

(I Have you now) Thats gas cos he had the same gear , helmet and even bike as yerself .

(Bollix) Ah yea , sure there’s more than one fluorescent yellow Pinarello Dogma FPX Limited edition around the town . Sure I saw one meself last weekend an I didn’t recognise yer man atall .

(Keep digging ) That’s gas , Isn’t it ? an yer man last night had yere club gear on aswell !

( Why the **** didn’t I just say I was out for one or two small spins ) Tis gas alright . Unless wait now, as I think of it, sure wasn’t I cycling home from work meself last night . Ahsure das it . You probably saw me on the way home from the job . (Whew, glad I came up with that one wherever it came out of )

(My name’s Willy Tucker not Silly ****** ) Ahsure that’s probably it so ! ( and look at that pig flying by outside the window )

(Change subject , change subject , change subject ) So are ya racing Sunday ?

(I’ve the form of my life , no way I’d miss it ) Ahsure I’ll see , depends on the visa from herself . Are ya heading up yourself ?

(I’m absolutely trucking , I’ll be there come hell or high water ) Yeah I’ll see meself , if it’s wet I probably won’t bother .

Right sure , Might see ya then so !

Right sure . Might see ya then !


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