The Playstation Generation

There is an article in today’s Irish independant about a new initiative in Mayo where 1000 cyclists will be using number plates on their bikes . The reason given is to highlight road safety for cyclists as the number plates are reflective .

I think that many cyclists are slightly ahead of the curve on this one . Almost everyone who comes into our shop nowadays is buying a helmet with their bike . The demand for hi-viz clothing is way beyond that of the traditional team replica kits and everyone seems concious of just how busy and sometimes dangerous the roads can be nowadays .

More emphasis needs to be made on teaching those seated behind a steering wheel in front of which they think is their display screen for their playstation game how to drive their vehicle in a responsible manner .

The ‘playstation generation’ have learned to drive using control pads before steering wheels and learned that the only way to win the game is to keep the button pressed and speed to the max all the way . In some games pedestrians and cyclists are ‘bonus points’ when aimed at .

The only skill required when they get out on the road is the ability to do ‘donuts’ or mark out temporary black rubber roundabouts .

There may be a reset button on the playstation to put you back on the road after a dramatic crash but there is no such button in real life !


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