The Truth about climbing

Unless you are a pro riding the Tour de France this is all that you need to know about climbing hills on a bicycle.

It is not about weight. It is not about watts. It is not about age, size or shape.

To get up and over any climb the most important things are heart and determination.

You must have the heart to suffer. Don’t for one second think that those skinny malinks are cruising along and not suffering. They are, but just at a slightly faster speed.

You must be determined. Your mind is stronger than your body. If you are so bloody determined to get to the top of a climb with whatever group you are with, or even if you are on your own, there is no gradient that will beat you.

Do not give yourself a plan b, or a way out. On a climb the only way out is over the top. The more you suffer, the faster you go and the sooner the pain ends. Then comes the satisfaction.


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