Tip of the week – cornering

A lot of people have difficulty cornering or descending on a bike and here are a few tips to help you along the way ;

1 : Always look where you want to go , not where you don’t want to go or down at your front wheel .

2 : Brake before the corner , adjust your speed before the corner so that you are only feathering the brakes whilst turning . This will avoid the bike slipping out from under you .

3 : Once you have passed the apex of the corner begin to pedal again as soon as possible , or if it is  a shallow corner try to pedal through it . This requires a certain amount of skill , practice and judgement but when you pedal through a corner it increases your grip considerably . Think of cornering in a car and it is the same principle .

4 : Try to balance your weight 60/40 with 60 % over the back wheel and 40 % over the front . This again helps maintain grip and balance .

5 : Practice , practice , practice . It is only by having a go and trying it again and again that improvements are made on weak areas of your cycling .



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