93 Reasons to keep cycling

No two days standing behind the counter of a bike shop are the same , and no 2 customers are the same . Our youngest customer to hand over their euros at the till was a 3 year old girl who bought her own bell , with plenty of confidence and self assurance . Our oldest customer is a 93 year old guy who still rides his bike every day .

There are many inspirational cyclists out there . We have Sean Kelly , the inspiration for a generation of Irish cyclists just down the road .

The late Jane Tomlinson who cycled across America whilst in the late stages of her battle with Terminal Cancer is another cyclist whose bravery and dignity should never be forgotten .

Our 93 year old customer is another truly inspirational cyclist .

He was in the shop last Saturday and as we were chatting I was amazed at what he told me .

5 years ago at the age of 88 he took a Ryanair flight to Germany and cycled around Germany and along the banks of the Rhine for 2 weeks .

He still cycles up to 20 miles per day . Many 23 year olds would not be able to do that .

He has rheumatide arthritis and said that for sure he would be in a wheelchair if he were not cycling .

He is sprightly , very sharp and nimble . Most people would guess that he is in his mid-sixties , when he is actually 30 years older .

He is the best example of the health benefits of regular cycling that I have ever come across .



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