Di2 Day

Today was like National Di2 day in the shop  . One customer who purchased the electronic Shimano groupset from us called in with his bike and invited me to take it for a spin . I didn’t have to be asked twice and headed off out the road to try it out in the real world and not just on a workstand . I was blown away . It really is a different experience to anything else out there . I love my Super Record but this is a different level again . With a very small press on the lever the rear changes so quickly that you have to look down to be sure that it has changed at all . The self trim on the front mech means no chain rub no matter how much cross over is on the chain . The battery lasts for up to 3 months and it is very easy to check the level remaining . It is even possible to recalibrate the whole thing on the move if you were to get a wheel change in a race .

It is on my Christmas list already . Here is a shot of a custom carbon chainring paired up with the Di2

The set was a real hot topic of conversation with one of the lads wondering aloud if there was a button to press when crashing to eject you out of the saddle .

Then a while later another customer came in and ordered another Di2 groupset . It was just one of those days .

I took a shot of the remote top of bar shifters on a Columbia team bike recently and this works really well to compliment the Di2 Sti Levers . It should be on public release towards the end of this month .

There is much written online about Electronic Dura Ace but the best review that I have come across is this one :
Di2 , I don’t like it ….I love it !

One thought on “Di2 Day

  • May 14, 2010 at 8:38 am

    How much did you say Santa will have to pay out for the Di2, I don’t think I saw it there in your review? :-). This cycling is turning into a real “Arms Race”. I guess this Di2 systems is upping the anti like a Surface to Air missiles or something like that, hahaha.

    I must say during the Tour of Qatar when we got to speak with some of the Pros they were all ranting about how good they were, but I guess Santa comes to them when they need a change of socks, gloves etc, etc.
    We had a Team Time trial here today which started at 7am and the temp was over 30C, terrible conditions what I wouldn’t do for a drop of rain :-).

    Chat soon.



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