From play dough to the An Post Ras

Like most of my Saturdays the day began with a 7am wake up call from the 8 year old. She is in a coma Monday to Friday at 8am, but miraculously wakes easily at 7 on Saturdays.

Breakfast in her Cafe based in the front room followed. I still cant get used to the taste of play dough.

Then at 9, I met Anthony and we headed off for our usual Saturday morning spin.

This mornings destination of choice was Dungarvan to catch the start of todays stage of the An Post Ras.



The excitement and buzz was electric when we arrived at the Park hotel. Timmy Barry was kind enough to direct me to the sign on although I was probably about 8 years too late.




We decided to head off ahead of the race to catch it as it passed the Waterford Greenway just out past Clonea.




The sight of the enormous cavalcade ahead of the race let alone what followed was spectacular.
Anthony who raced in a number of Nissan Classics on the Irish team remarked that the An Post Ras is now every bit as big as the Nissan was out on the road.

I also remembered a friend saying that the Ras is the closest he would ever get to experience something like the professional life of a Tour de France rider.

The An Post Ras is many things to many people. Pros out for victory. Top Irish Amateurs also out for victory (Yes they can ! Take a bow Eoin Morton). Ordinary Irish Amateurs who take a week off work to put their bodies through hell as a reward for many months of hugely time consuming dedicated preparation. Volunteers who also take the week off work to help ensure that this Irish bike race is as good if not better than any throughout the World.



After the riders and cavalcade sped on by we continued out along the Greenway which is improving all the time.




Anthony took off his sunglasses going through the tunnel

A quick coffee stop and it was back home over the mountains through Rathgormack all the while taking in the majesty of the mountains on a road devoid of cars.

A bike ride is a great way to start the weekend and Eddie Dunbar winning into Baltinglasss was the icing on the cake.



3 thoughts on “From play dough to the An Post Ras

  • June 3, 2016 at 4:36 am

    What beautiful scenery. Your photos have inspired me to cycle the same route (as well as several others that have been recommended to me) when I take a much looked forward to trip to Ireland in August this year.

  • August 31, 2016 at 8:17 pm

    I always love the early morning cycles. And it’s worth it with a view like that!


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