Give your day a name not just a number

Today is Monday September 7th or just plain old 7/9/15.

For many the day may go something like this ;

Get up, eat breakfast, go to work.

Work, drink coffee, work, eat lunch, work, drink coffee, work, go home.

Get changed, go training on a road you have been on 1000 times before, shower, eat dinner, watch TV, go to bed.

Without anything really memorable or unique happening, this day will have been just a number.

Some, may also get up, eat breakfast and go to work. But somewhere along the way they may do something different that may well give their day a name. They will go climb a mountain, swim in the sea, run along a deserted riverbank or cycle a hundred miles. They will do something new and out of the ordinary. Something extraordinary.

Others may wait until the weekend to break from routine and do something memorable that will stay with them over time.

Days with names may well be the day that you cycled the Sean Kelly Tour of Waterford or The Ring of Kerry or rode the St. Patricks day race in Carrick. It may be the day you first joined a cycling club or the day that you completed your first triathlon. All memorable events that give not just names to your days but enjoyment and passion to your life also.

Cycling is actually a great way to give your days names rather than numbers. All you have to do is speak to any former racer and they will be able to describe in vivid detail each and every key moment of races that took place over twenty years ago. Anyone who has ever cycled any of the iconic Domestic or Foreign Sportives will be able to do the very same thing.


So what can you do to give your days names rather than numbers? Here are a few ideas to get you started ;

  • Go find a new road to train on within 10k of home. There will be many.
  • Go climb a new hill or mountain
  • Eat something new – Try something with Anchovies perhaps
  • Drink something different – Try a Caramel Macchiato perhaps
  • Arrange to do something with friends – Socialise
  • Watch a Pro bike race – One that has a helicopter overhead
  • Go for a cycle with your kids and bring a picnic
  • Go to the Cinema
  • If you are a Roadie go Mountain Biking
  • If you are a Mountain Biker go Road Biking
  • Find a ramp and jump over it
  • Find a lake and jump into it
  • Look out your window and find a way to reach the highest peak that you can see.

Life is short and the number of days left is diminishing each and every day, so try to make sure that as many of them as possible are days that have names and are not just numbers.






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