Heard a good one today

Day in day out you meet all sorts of people with all kinds of different stories . Many are interesting to the people themselves but may not have mass appeal . Today however , I heard a good one .

Recently a husband and wife were celebrating the wife’s birthday in a Dublin restaurant . As they completed their appetisers they noticed that a rather well known Irish celebrity was sat near them . Bono from U2 was enjoying a meal with a friend .
The wife being a huge U2 fan was in awe of her hero but was reluctant to bother him as he tried to have a meal in peace .
However , when Bono got up to answer the call of nature , the husband went over to his friend to ask if it might be possible for Bono to sing Happy Birthday to his wife . The friend said that he would ask Bono when he returned .
When the U2 frontman made his reappearance he could be seen looking over at the couple as his friend told him of the request .
Promptly Bono stood up , walked over to the couples table and gave an impromptu rendition of ‘Happy Birthday to you ‘
The wife was absolutly thrilled and it made her year .
But the story did not end there .
As the couple asked for the bill they were told that it was already taken care of . They asked if Bono had paid for their meal .
The response came as a surprise . It was not Bono who paid for the meal but his friend , they were informed , a certain Mr. Bob Dillon .
It seemed like another case of U.S. shock and awe in operation .



One thought on “Heard a good one today

  • May 29, 2009 at 10:34 am

    I was out with a group of doctors in Dublin, who swore blind that this story was almost true. They said it happened to their consultant’s friend who was dining in Dalkey. The only untrue bit (according to these people) was that is was Bruce Springsteen, not Bob Dylan.


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