If Carlsberg did cycling !

Have you ever watched one of those carlsberg ads on T.V. and wondered what it would be like if ‘carlsberg did cycling ‘ . I have and here’s what I’ve come up with ;

You are awoken from a peace full nights very comfortable slumber by a member of the Brazilian national ladies cycling team wearing the new Assos Fi Mille cycling shorts carrying a tray of freshly handpicked fruit and a basket of warm freshly baked pastries into your huge bedroom . The aroma of the freshly ‘Gaggia’ brewed Kenyan coffee helps to heighten your senses as you focus on consuming the delicacies before you .

You turn to find your Assos cycling gear all laid out neatly beside you and look out the window to see a clear blue sky with  a shimmering sun and decide on the Fi13 shorts and SS.13 jersey .

As you head out the door you happen upon a shining brand new Pinarello Prince with a pair of DT Swiss 1250’s beneath . You climb aboard and find that the road seems to consistently slope downwards and that the gentle breeze seems to be always on your back .

There are no cars on the road and the only vehicles are tractors towing clear glass trailers at speeds of 40 kmph , for when you may need a break .

You are beginning to feel a little sceptical until a loud bang signalling a blowout of your rear tyre confirms your suspicions that it was too good to be true . A small button on the one piece Pro Stealth white carbon bars that you hadn’t noticed before begins to flash red and you press it instinctivly . Before you can even bring the bike to a halt you feel the rear tyre re-inflating and your all set to go again .

As you cruise on down the smooth tarmac along a winding coast road you look down at your Garmin edge 705 to see that you have covered 150k in just over three hours and feel remarkably fresh as you head down the drive way home , which you had headed down on the way out also .

As you unclip from the prince you are approached by another member of the Brazillian Ladies cycling team who offers to take your bike and wash it for you just as another of her team-mates comes out to tell you that she is ready for your massage . You fall into a relaxed sleep on the massage table and are only awoken by the familiar shrill sound of your own alarm clock . You open your eyes to find that you are back in your own bedroom and can hear the rain pelting against the window .

As you lay there thinking about your perfect days cycling you get an uncomfortable sense that if everyday were a Carlsberg day you might get a little bored . Without the crappy rainy day you wouldn’t appreciate the great sunny days and if you never suffered on a bike how would ever get that sense of satisfaction that comes on the day that all of the training pays of and you float along .



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