Multimedia training spin

Yesterday , whilst out on a group training spin I used a couple of different forms of new media technology which would have been unheard of a number of years ago .

With a simple compact digital camera I was able to take photo’s of the riders as we rode along which could then be uploaded to a flickr gallery for all to see here :

I also took a very short video clip as we rode up the climb of ‘The Pike’ outside Dungarvan which can be seen below ;


Then using a Garmin Edge 705 cycle computer I was able to download the details of the spin to the web including a route map on google earth which can be found here ;

The only piece of technology which evaded me was the live video streaming from the bike via a mobile phone which I had done the Sunday before as can be seen here ;

I am still just getting to grips with it all but the possibilities seem endless .


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