The cyclists home tool-kit

Every cyclist should be able to carry out a few repairs to their own bike themselves. By doing work on the bike yourself you will be more capable to attend to roadside repairs when necessary as you will have a better understanding of how each component works. You will also have more confidence in the machine beneath you, knowing that you have checked and double checked everything that might cause a mechanical issue.

The items that should be in every cyclists tool kit are as follows :


  1. Chain lube – Essential to add a few drops to your chain after each bike wash
  2. Track pump – Tyre pressure should be checked once per week. Ideally most people should ride between 100 – 120psi. Most tubes will loose between 5 and 10 psi per week which is why it is important to check regularly.
  3. Pedal spanner – Not in use everyday but the saves skinned knuckles whenever pedals have to be removed for servicing or when travelling.
  4. Cable cutters – For fitting new gear and brake cables
  5. Cassette remover –  For changing cassettes with every third chain replacement
  6. Chain Whip – To hold the cassette in place when removing the lock ring from the cassette
  7. Torque key – A 5nm torque key or ratchet is essential for use on all carbon frames, forks and with stems and seat posts.
  8. Allen keys – A good set is essential as a cheap set will round out the heads of your bolts.
  9. Spoke key –  For removing buckles from wheels
  10. Chain breaker – For removing and replacing chains
  11. Insulating tape –  A multitude of uses but especially for finishing off handlebar tape.
  12. Chain gauge – To measure chain wear and to indicate when chain o both chain and cassette need replacing
  13. Screwdrivers – For adjusting gears and replacing brake blocks along with many other general uses.
  14. Pliers – For tensioning cables and other general uses.
  15. Adjustable spanner – For straightening derailleur hangers and other general uses.

If you have all of these tools at home you will be capable of carrying out all general repairs and servicing yourself, as long as you have a certain amount of knowledge to go with it.



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