Watch out Nicole Cook

Nicole Cook is the current World and Olympic cycling champion . She is one of the most prolific female cyclists of all time . But she may have some serious competition in the future .

Niamh Clarke was born three weeks ago and if she is anything like her father on a bike she will be one to watch out for . She is already kicking with gusto and is able to recover well in the evenings when she sleeps for up to five hours at a time , thus allowing manager and coach , Tina and Ray time to get a reasonable nights sleep . She is well able to read a race , especially the one between teddy and bunny where she always picks the winner . Her diet is excellent and she has a good apatite . Her current training regime is coming along nicely and she should be on the potty within 24 months .

Another up and coming lady cyclist is Kate Meehan . At just 19 months she has the mechanical side of things well under control as can be seen here ;


She is also very safety concious as I witnessed the other day whilst watching Paris – Nice . She ambled into the room , looked up at Alberto Contador in full flight on the tv and said ‘ Bike , fast ‘ before running out of the room . She then returned thirty seconds later looking like this ;


Her big sister Laura will make a great lead out rider for her as she is always helping her to navigate any obstacles , such as tables , chairs , countertops and even wardrobes . She also helps out by providing energy drinks every now and then although these are usually taken rather than given .

Other up and coming lady cyclists are Ciara and Eve Ahearn who have seen their Father go from C to B cat in just one race this season .

The Saturday afternoon indoor shop floor criterium series is getting more and more interesting as the years go by although it may be a while yet before Nicole Cook needs to start loosing some sleep . That is unless she decides to introduce a Nicole junior which might make things a bit more interesting .


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