Welcome to the 21st century

Times are changing rapidly . The whole structure of doing business is constantly evolving . The next number of years will see many cycle shops either sink or swim . Our view ,  is that the level of service that we offer our customers has to improve constantly . If a customer is spending 2, 3 or even 10 grand of their hard earned money on a bike from our shop , we MUST give a level of service that is the absolute best that we can offer . We don’t always get it 100% but we do try our very best .

Last week we spent two days being trained by Brian Stanwick from Viner bikes on the Viner bike fitting system . It can be used to determine anybodies correct bike position but really comes into its own when used in conjunction with Viners custom frame building service . With a range starting at just €899 for the Aluminium Vigor , or €1899  for the full carbon Perfecta then  €2499 for the Mitus and on up to €3599 for the range topping Maxima .

The Maxima is the only true custom frameset in the world as each tube of the main triangle is made to the riders specification . There are a number of current professionals using the frameset although it has been sprayed to look like their team bikes ..

The method of purchasing a frame involves a consultation and body measurement , which is followed by a review of the results on the bike measuring  jig where all fine tuning can be done . The results are then forwarded to the factory in Italy where each frameset is hand crafted . There is usually a six to eight week turnaround . There is also an on the road session where we will go out for a ride with the customer to make any fine tuning adjustments that may be necessary .

When compared to top of the range offerings from most other manufacturers the Viners are very competitive but the ability to tailor each frame to suit the individual sets them apart . The process of having the frame sized and custom built is exactly the level of attention that the Worlds top professionals use and it is now available to all .

Today we did our first measurement for a custom Viner frameset . Whilst our customer was on the frame fitting jig Sean Kelly walked in and was very interested in the process . A nice surprise for the customer and a good opportunity fo us to ask for a few more pointers .

Some interesting tips that came up when Brian from Viner was training us are as follows ;

When a rider has lower back problems it can be good to move their saddle forward and to increase the stem length by a corresponding amount . This can lessen the amount of strain on the hamstrings and thus can also reduce the tension in the lower back .

Many riders are switching from deep anatomical bars back to more shallow traditional style bars as they do not have to stretch as far when going down on the drops . This again lessens the strain on the back .

Contrary to popular opinion a shorter stem does not necessarily help back pain . Very often it can cause more pressure to be placed on the lower back as a rider becomes hunched . A longer stem can straighten the back and thus ease the pressure on the back .

Power output can increase significantly when a rider is positioned correctly .

I know that I’ve put up the link to Marcel Wust’s review of the Maxima in pro-cycling where he says that it’s the best bike that he’ s ever ridden but as it is much of the reason for our decision to take on the brand here it is again : Marcel Wust

Our own Maxima’s left Italy today so I’ll post pics and a review as soon as they arrive .



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