What happens to cyclists 25 years on ?

This years Sean Kelly Tour jersey is very similar to the PDM jersey that Sean wore to victory in races such as Liege Bastogne Liege, The Tour of Switzerland and The Tour of Lombardy, amongst many others.

Paul Butler commented that it is also similar to the Tipperary Crystal Carrick Wheelers jersey from 25 years ago.

When I went looking for an old photo of that jersey this was the first one that I came across and looking at the faces I noticed something remarkable. Something very few other sports would have in common with cycling. The old grainy picture has a story to tell.

From the left, first comes Andrew McHale, who I passed coming  the other way on the bike last weekend.

I am next, standing beside Anthony O’Gorman who I cycle with every Saturday and Sunday. Anthony won the Blarney 3 Day the year that photo was taken at the race.

Beside Anthony is Mikey O’Loughlin who I cycled beside last Sunday morning.

Next up is Paul Butler, who now lives in Bettystown but who was down home the week before last and who came out on the bike with myself and Anthony on the Saturday morning and who was out with the group on the Sunday morning.

Beside Paul is Leslie O’Donnell who I cycled beside in the group last Sunday.

Beside Leslie is Vinnie Kelly who entertained me for half the spin last Sunday.

Beside Vinnie is the famous Dan Grant, whose son in law I cycled with two days ago.

Beside Dan is Kathleen Keevan, a real lady who did trojan work for the club and whose daughter Tara is married to Leslie.

The jersey had those colours to replicate the PDM colours that Sean Kelly wore and most Sundays when he is at home Sean is out with the group.


How many other sports can look at a photo that is 25 years old and say that every person in the photo still participates in the sport and not alone that but they all still do it together in the same group ?

Cycling is a unique and special sport. A sport for individuals that bonds those who come under its spell far closer than any team sport ever could.




2 thoughts on “What happens to cyclists 25 years on ?

  • August 1, 2014 at 9:48 am

    Have to agree Barry , cycling is unique the way it bonds those who train and race together , when I was 15 years of age , I can still remember most of those who trained together on the Sunday mornings, Joe Lonergan , his brother Johnny Lonergan, Tom Ryan and Frank , Billy Regan R.I.P, James Nudge Nugent R.I.P,,Dan Curren , Tom Kiley, and Tony Ryan of Carrick Wheelers R.I.P, after finishing secondary school I emigrated to England , gave up cycling and played football and today I can not remember the names of those who I played football with ,

    • August 1, 2014 at 12:48 pm

      And you are still on the bike now and still racing Mick ! It never leaves your system. Cycling is such a great leveller that friendships formed on the bike have no pretence and last much longer as a result.


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